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SEO / SEM Services

Having a website without the traffic from Google search engine is pointless , we know SEO/SEM spendings must pay off otherwise it has no big sense, so therefore all our effort is focused on optimize your website and build your backlinks profile to make it happens

We do not make promises, we focusing on doing, yes, there are a lot od people from SEO/SEM branch who telling your stories they can rank your website on many different keyphrases but in many cases those keyphrases are completely useless, they will not bring you traffic. The absolutely key factor is to find out which phrases your prospects using in Google when they searching your services or products, therefore we do full analysis of that, check which keyphrases brings traffic and then we focus on them to bring traffic to your website
Above you can see one of many examples , this is an example of garden bridges builder from California this is our client
As I said before we do analysis in Google to find out how big is volume of your potential customers ,we check which keyphrases people using in Google while looking for your services or products in your area , and then we optimize your website and build a solid backlinks profile to bring you traffic from Google search engine

Above you can see how the traffic is divided between subpages of website. It is very important to target traffic as precise as possible to make high conversion rate. Conversion rate is very important factor - for Google and for you too because it shows to Google are the people engaged, attracted by your content , if more the are involved the better cos it means they found what they looked for which is very good for Google, if you have high conversion rate Google will reward you better positions in their ranking.

Our service is focused on bringing you highly targetted traffic from search engines, but not only on that, we do many more things like optimizing your website, improving them and build its trust in Google
We can make an keywords analysis, keywords your clients are using in Google (free of charge) just contact us by this contact form ,send us your website URL and we will do the rest - it is free service to you !

Then you make a decision if you want to let us work for you or not, it is up to you. Remember, we operate Globally, the country you live does not matters cos we can rank you in Germany as well as in UK or USA, Google rules are the same everywhere , we are in this business since 2005 so we know best practises